Is your Teen a Stranger Things Fan?

When:  12pm – 7pm. Last ticket sold at 6:15pm. Select Dates Only.

Where: Sleepy Hollow Farm, 628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127



Back by popular demand… we have added a few more dates to The Stranger Things Experience! If you have seen Stranger Things season 2, then you probably saw our property throughout the season. As you know there is an evil that has poisoned our pumpkin patch AKA Merrill’s Farm, corn maze, and cabin in the woods. We need your help to rid us of this evil and ultimately save the world.

Hours: 12pm – 7pm. Last ticket sold at 6:15pm. Select Dates Only: Jan 20, 21 and Feb 3,4, 17 and 18

Note: If you buy your tickets ahead of time, you can use them anytime between 12pm and 6:15pm (that is when the last group will go through) on one of the 4 dates that we are open. The experience lasts about 1 hour.

How it works?

You will take a tour around the property where many of the scenes were filmed like our cabin in the woods, our corn maze, and finally the spot where the evil is concentrated… Merrill’s pumpkin patch. Along the way we need you to help solve a series of clues that will ultimately help save our property and keep the evil out of our dimension.

Duration: About 1 hour

Price: $20 per person